Habit-Building Infographic and Worksheet

An infographic and worksheet on evidence-based strategies for building healthy habits.

Submitted by: Alana Woolley
Setting of intended use: This informational infographic can be used to set long-term goals with clients re: health promotion/ prevention and disease management.

What inspired this resource:

There is so much great research out there about how to build and maintain healthy habits. I wanted a resource for clients (and therapists) to quickly visualize the most effective strategies for setting and sticking to health goals. The worksheet guides clients to reflect on how they might use each strategy in their own routines.

How is it utilized:

The infographic can be printed as a poster or handout, or viewed digitally on any device. It can be used as a quick reference for therapists and clients to remember the most effective strategies for maintaining healthy habits. The accompanying worksheet can be printed and filled out by clients to plan and problem solve desired lifestyle changes.

What evidence supports it?

Recent scholarly research from the fields of OT and psychology. This resource was inspired by the OT Potential episode, OT & Habits . References cited within infographic.

Any instructions or tips for utilization:

This infographic can be printed or downloaded and viewed digitally (I prefer viewing with clients on a tablet, if available, to easily zoom in and out on each section). Have clients use the infographic as a reference while completing the accompanying worksheet. Feel free to share this resource!


How to Build a Habit Infographic.pdf (291.4 KB)

Build a Habit Worksheet.pdf (272.6 KB)

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I would totally use this worksheet—and I love the infographic!

@zipporah and @ErinEpley I’m curious if there is anything you would add to either?

Also, I wanted to add that I heard about the benefit of brainstorming potential from an interview with Emily Balcetis, an NYU professor who studies goal setting! I’ve always wanted to read her book. (Linked below)

I also wonder if I could talk her into being on the podcast? She has a Nebraska connection!


Wow, @alana1! I love your infographic! I think this could be a great place to start with clients. As an infographic, it’s important to keep it simple and you have all the key components of forming a healthy habit. As practitioners, we can also emphasize the importance of linking habit to identity and roles (I am a person who… exercises, eats healthy, etc.) and help clients to make it easy and obvious to perform these habits. Some (most?) clients will need to not only build new healthy habits but also break old unhealthy habits. Having strategies in place for that would be great too! But, wow, I LOVE this Alana! I am sucker for a good infographic and think they are incredibly powerful tools for client education.


@ErinEpley and @alana1, I got hung up thinking about goals setting. (And, how it is being scaled by AI.) And, have been wondering if the SMART goal framework is inadequate or us, because it leaves out the importance of the client setting their own goal, and doesn’t really capture where trial and error, and problem solving fit in…

I made the graphics below when we discussed the CO-OP approach on the podcast…

I think alls that to say, I need to find someone with expertise in goal setting to come on the podcast :slight_smile:

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