Evidence Map: Cancer

Quickly find updated articles related to cancer in order to advocate for interventions

Submitted by: Katie Caspero @katie
Setting of intended use: Acute care/inpatient, outpatient, and community-based therapy for individuals with cancer

What inspired this resource:
This resource was inspired by a need to quickly find updated articles related to cancer in order to advocate for interventions I was using. In addition, it was created to help find new interventions, assessments, background information, client perspectives, and systematic reviews that were clinically relevant, and ideally within the past 5 years, related to OT and cancer.

How is it utilized:
This short video describes a few ways it can be used including using this as a reference when an insurance company is asking for evidence during a peer review process or to advocate for implementing a new clinical guideline at your place of work based on the latest evidence.

What evidence supports it?
Each “bubble” contains a link to a research article.

Any instructions or tips for utilization:
Refer back to this evidence map when you are getting stuck during OT sessions when working with individuals with cancer and need some fresh, evidence-based ideas.

See Evidence Map:

Evidence Map_Cancer.pdf (54.3 KB)

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I’ve never seen an evidence map like this before, @katie! Did you come up with this visual concept, or did you learn it somewhere?

(Also! It looks like ALL 30 of your evidence maps downloaded! Do you want to switch it to just the cancer one?)

@SarahLyon, just updated the pdf to the right one!

I think my original idea for this was inspired by Web of Science combined with how the Digital Commons Networks worked- eventually I’d love to make these interactive like the Digital Commons are.

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Oh wow!! That’s super cool to imagine what it could look like interactively! I’m curious if @timothy1 would have any ideas of an entity that might help build these?