Handouts and Worksheet: Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

Condition overview handouts and a relapse prevention plan worksheet for Functional Neurologic Disorder (FND).

Submitted by: Alana Woolley
Setting of intended use: Any setting where OTPs work with clients with functional neurologic disorder (FND) – neuro, mental health, and emergency settings.

What inspired this resource:

These resources are adapted from this research study, which is covered in this OT Potential podcast episode on FND. These resources are for OTPs and clients to better understand the condition.

How is it utilized:

Page 1: Recommendations for OT education – This resource provides a general overview of FND and a checklist of recommended topics to include in client education regarding FND.

Page 2: Health information for clients - A one-page informational handout for clients. This resource can be printed or shared as a PDF (note that links to “additional resources” and the original study are available in the digital PDF version).

Page 3: Staying well following treatment – This relapse prevention plan worksheet can be printed and completed by clients, in collaboration with an OTP, prior to concluding treatment.

What evidence supports it?

Nicholson C, Edwards MJ, Carson AJ, et al. 2020. Occupational Therapy Consensus Recommendations for Functional Neurological Disorder. From the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

Any instructions or tips for utilization:

These resources offer a starting place for providing education about FND. I highly recommend reading the full article if you are not familiar with current FND recommendations. FND can be a stigmatizing diagnosis, so providers should be aware of current best evidence to provide education that is both validating and accurate.

See the handouts:

FND recommendations for OT education.pdf (513.2 KB)
FND health information for clients.pdf (518.6 KB)
FND staying well following treatment.pdf (25.8 KB)

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AMAZING @alana1!!! What’s incredible to me is that there are even more resources that could be created from this single journal article.

I think this would be an incredible capstone project for someone! There is such a need for quality content related to this diagnosis!