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Welcome to The OT Potential Club!

(Sarah Lyon) #25

This is great to know @DSolomon I’m hoping within the next year we will have some resources specific to your caseload!

(Molly Johnson) #26

@SarahLyon I’m so excited about all that you’re doing here at OT Potential and excited to be a part of it! Cheers!

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Thank You for this awesome resource! I’m a COTA student and I am always looking for all the help I can get with EBP techniques, so this is definitely a gem. I’m so excited to be here!

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(Emily Roberts) #28

This is so great!! Thank you so much for creating this. As a new grad, I’m realizing the importance of keeping up with EBP through research, but find it difficult to go home after a long day of work and look up articles. Excited for the convenience and ease this will bring to practitioners, while increasing quality of interventions used with clients. Thanks again!!

Emily Roberts, OTR/L
Albany, GA

(Meredith Castin) #32

Hi there! I’m Meredith Castin, and I’m a PT. I run a website called The Non-Clinical PT, but despite not actively treating patients these days, I am still very interested in the latest research supporting the use of rehab. I’m so happy to be part of this community!

(Janyce Johnson) #33

Greetings All
I have been following OTP with Sarah for a while… I am a “old” OT who is the AFWC for very “new” OTA’s so I am always look for things to add to my Tool Box and research is certainly one of the essentials!
Prof. Johnson aka ProJo

(Sarah Lyon) #34

ProJo! I love your nickname :slight_smile: It is so good to have you here. You have a very important role and I hope we can support you in your continued growth as a professor!

(Tee Stock ) #35

Hi all. This forum sounds like a great idea. I am looking forward to seeing Pediatric OT information.

(Sarah Lyon) #36

Hi Tee! Yes! I am going to make some modifications to our list this year to make sure pediatrics is well represented! If there are any specific pediatric topics you would like to see explored, please let me know!

(Gwen Wild) #37

Looking forward to being part of this club! Thanks for starting this, Sarah!

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(Sarah Lyon) #38

Hi @gwen! We are so glad to have you!! I hope the content is helpful to you!

(Kasa Zipfel) #39

I’m so glad you started this as a resource. I work in home health in San Francisco, and love the setting and independence, but often wish I had more connection with other OTs. This is the perfect combination for me to connect, review literature with colleagues and exchange ideas. Thank you!

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(Sarah Lyon) #40

Hi, @kasa! We are so glad to have you! I worked by myself for awhile in rural hospital in NE, which is where this idea was first born! I hope you find it helpful!

(Tee Stock ) #41

Yes Sarah - I would love to see info on Sensory Processing evidence, dyslexia, and autism. So far I am leaning towards unsubscribing because not relevant topics to me.
Thank you,

(Sarah Lyon) #42

Hi @tee, it is really helpful to hear your thoughts. My plan is to release pediatric content 1x/month. (It is coming in at the end of the month this April - an article on autism and an example pediatric note). I understand, though, as we work to build up a library of content if that does not feel sufficient for your investment. Please feel free to message me at anytime if you would like a refund. You can use the chatbox in the bottom right or email me at sarah@otpotential.com. I am so thankful to the people that took a chance on a new service and want you to be able to get your money back if you are unsatisfied!

(Tee Stock ) #43

Thank you Sarah. I will look for the article on Autism and the
sample note. Those sound very helpful!


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(Sarah Lyon) #44

@Monica_Quehl, I just saw your sign up come through! So honored to have you in here!!!

(Sarah Lyon) #45

Welcome to the OT Potential Club @william! I saw your subscription email come through and discovered your website- otnerd.com! I’m excited to meet another OT/Squarespace user!

(Mildred A DiEgidio-Halladay) #46

Thank you for providing OT Clinicians with a database of EBP/Research. Moving forward, the knowledge will reinforce the potential and value of Occupational Therapy in the Healthcare Field.
I would welcome more research on OT& Dementia, as my practice focus has been Eldercare. TY

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(Sarah Lyon) #47

Hi @mildred! It is so great to have you! I now have dementia on my list of special topics to explore this year. I know that this is an important topic for many! Thank you for highlighting it!