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Welcome to The OT Potential Club!

(Sarah Lyon) #1

The OT Potential Club is an online journal club, dedicated to helping you keep up with influential OT research and trends.

Every Monday, we release an overview of one of the most-cited journal articles regarding OT. Whenever possible, we also include include tips for documentation, assessments, and treatments.

Are there prizes?

You betcha!

On Monday mornings, we also award $100 to the person who made the most helpful (most liked) comment on the previous week’s post!

(As the forum launches, I will be testing whether the cash prizes are liked and worthwhile. Please let me know below if you have any thoughts on this.)


Where did you find these articles?

I worked alongside a health sciences research librarian to identify which articles to feature in 2019. We settled on the top 50 articles from the past five years that fit the following criteria:

  • The content included occupational therapy
  • The works were cited most frequently by other articles.

One of the best ways to determine the reach and influence of a given article is by noting the number of times that article is cited by other articles. I know there are many great research articles that will not get covered this year, but at least this gives us a good starting point.

How do I participate in the forum?

Start perusing the posts and and liking the comments that you find helpful! If you have any questions or something to share, please join in the conversation by adding a comment of your own!

Please introduce yourself below, and let me know if you have any questions!

(Devon Cochrane) #5

I’m so excited that you’re starting this forum and providing a place for a community to develop Sarah. I look forward to seeing what evolves!

(Sarah Lyon) #6

Thanks, @DevonCochrane ! This has been so much fun to work on and I’m really looking forward to interacting with awesome OTs- like you!

(Josiane ) #7

Thanks for this initiative…hope to see pediatrics articles soon :slight_smile:

(Sophia ) #8

I am so happy to hear that you are coming up with an idea that will help present and future OT become successful in their practice.

(Melissa ) #9

This is great Sarah, thank you. I am in my 1st year of Occupational Therapy so this will be very useful for my studies! :slight_smile:

(Polly Wallace) #10

I have a wonderful resource to suggest in the realm of Evidence-Based Practice! The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder has developed a database of Evidence-Based Practice articles for 27 interventions for individuals with Autism. They have a dedicated group of trained article reviewers that critically read articles to determine the efficacy of interventions. Check out this link!
National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practice
WONDERFUL source of information/articles for EBP and Autism!
Thank you for this forum to discuss and share information about Evidence-Based Practice!
Polly Wallace MS, OTR/L

(Donna ) #11

I hope the resources include EBP and pediatrics! Even a specialty for school based practice would be fantastic. I’ve been an OT for 30 years and truly believe we have the responsibility to be pursuing EBP to guide interventions! I’m looking forward to this new resource!

(Donna ) #12

Thank you for sharing! That resource is great!

(Polly Wallace) #13

It truly is a great resource! Once you get deeper in and start looking at the articles for each of the intervention areas it is fascinating. I too, work in pediatrics- in the school setting and have been collecting EBP articles to help support and guide my interventions. NIce to network via this platform!

(Polly Wallace) #14

I tried to upload the manual to save you time- but this platform doesn’t upload pdf extensions- sorry!!

(Sarah Lyon) #15

@Josiane! I totally agree! When I pulled the 5 most cited articles, I was definitely bummed that one of them was not pediatrics focused! My next step is to pull the 50 or 100 most cited journal articles including OT. If pediatrics still isn’t well represented, I plan to specifically hunt for articles for our pediatric colleagues!

(Sarah Lyon) #16

I’m so glad you are on here @MWilson! I’ve been thinking of students as I’ve been working on this, and I’m particularly eager to hear your voices weighing in on here.

(Sarah Lyon) #17

Welcome @Pollywallace! If you are willing I would love to see your resource! @Allen is there a way to share PDFs on here? Polly, if we can’t figure it out, would it be OK if I connect with you via email?

(Sarah Lyon) #18

@Pollywallace Thank you for sharing this! I don’t think I’ve seen this resource before. This afternoon, I’m going to add it to my blog post, “OT Research Options Made Easy,” as an additional avenue for OTs to find it!

(Polly Wallace) #19

That is great! I can also scan my hard copy and then try to attach- so it won’t be in PDF format anymore and should attach easier! I have 15 min before my next student so I’ll go give it a try!

(Polly Wallace) #20

Hi Sarah, I was unable to convert from pdf…I have a few resources that I could email you as attachments- could you give me your email address? Thanks!

(Libby Rogers) #21

This is so great! Glad to have additional resources. Being an OT for while it will be good to keep up with new research.

(Allen Gilbert) #23

Hey @SarahLyon, yes, you can upload and share PDFs here! However, they’ll only be displayed as download links, and there are a few other caveats, so I’ll leave PDF uploading disabled until we have a chance to discuss.

(Dawn Solomon) #24

Thank you for the invite. I am also in Pediatrics with a strong focus on vision and therapy practices. Additionally the transition of sensory integration services from young children to adults/tweens who have diagnoses of fibromyalgia.