Closing May 15: Medicare & OT Home Health Survey

Home Health OTs! This survey is for us!

We want to hear from occupational therapists about their experiences with OASIS, specifically the Start of Care. This short, anonymous survey (under 10 minutes!) asks questions about home health collection and reporting processes from the occupational therapist’s perspective. OT & Medicare Home Health Survey

Attached is a flyer in case you’d like to print / share the QR code with your home health colleagues. This study and flyer are IRB-approved.

About the investigators: Megan Atkinson is a home- and community-based occupational therapist and a post-professional doctoral student at Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Occupational Therapy. Dr. Cathy Piersol is her faculty advisor. Our research project offers an opportunity to contribute to knowledge about occupational therapists’ home health practices and perspectives.

We hope you’ll participate by completing our online survey (if you’re an occupational therapist working in home health), or by forwarding it to your home health colleagues!

Primary Investigator (PI): Dr. Catherine V. Piersol
PI contact:

OT Home Health Survey.pdf (361.3 KB)

@megan77 Thank you so much for starting off this section of the Club! You’ll have to keep me posted if sharing on here is helpful in getting responses!