How to submit your clinical resource to our hub

This clinical resource hub is where OT professionals can share evidence-based resources—like handouts, templates, educational materials, and more. Items must meet the criteria here to be approved.

Items are visible to the public, but can only be submitted and commented on by OT Potential Club members.

YOU are responsible for ensuring you have permission to share any items.

Posting your project

To get started, make sure you’ve added a profile picture.

Then in the Clinical Resources Hub category click “Start a new conversation.”

In your new topic, insert the title of your resource, and choose from any applicable tags.

Posts must be posted using the following format, or will not be approved.

(We recommend copy and pasting the below into your topic, and building from there!)

One sentence description of your project.

Submitted by: Your name (link to your profile when applicable)
Setting of intended use:

(Please provide 1-2 sentences per question to describe the following.)

What inspired this resource:

How is it utilized:

What evidence supports it? (Required for any items related to education or treatment.)

Any instructions or tips for utilization:

Attach or link to resource (only free resources will be approved):

When you are ready, click CREATE TOPIC and it will be sent to us to review. By creating the topic, you agree to have the information about your project shared publicly.