Are you an OT Practitioner Working in Early Intervention for Psychosis

My research assistant and I are recruiting!!! Take a look at the attached flyer to learn more. You can also visit the survey link.

@halley When is this going to close?

I am so interested in OTP’s work in these programs as well!! I covered a journal article on sensory changes pre-psychosis once. Let me go find it… I’m so curious if this still relates to what OTs are doing in these program. I covered it several years ago…

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Ok here it is: Sensory characteristics of youth at clinical high risk for psychosis

(Sorry this is taking us a little off topic from your survey, I’m just so curious about developments since this paper came out!)

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I know that OT practitioners doing this work are targeting sensory health for folks. In a survey I did with a great research team in 2022, we found that OT practitioners were significantly more likely to target sensory than other team members.

Article link.

Wow… this just feels like one of the most important applications of OT’s sensory knowledge/skillset.

I’m so happy to know this is your clinical interest! I’ve been following you for awhile on LinkedIn, but hadnt synced this together!