AOTA Capstone Improving Research Dissemination and Implementation with Podcasting

Improving the implementation of research into practice by updating the Everyday Evidence podcast.

Matt Brandenburg
Deborah Lieberman
Washington University in St. Louis

Purpose: This show was developed as an approach to bridge the gap between research and practice by delivering research findings and evidence-based implications to occupational therapy practitioners in a more accessible and convenient format.

Method/Design/Approach: I worked with the AOTA Evidence Based Practice team to interview 20 content matter experts and publish each interview into an episode of the Everyday Evidence Podcast. Each episode of the show is designed to address the barriers of applying evidence to practice by summarizing research, highlighting why it is an important consideration for practice, and emphasizing how to translate evidence to interventions. Publications and resources from diverse practice areas including AOTA official documents, systematic reviews, and practice guidelines are discussed in a conversational way with a focus on real life examples and the experiences of featured guests.

Results/Outcomes: Outcomes included an episode library for AOTA’s Everyday Evidence Podcast, a podcast production manual that could be referred to when updating or creating new shows at AOTA, and a listener survey to continue to receive feedback on the show.

Conclusions: As evidence-based practice and implementation science continue to advance, podcasts are found to be an effective and practical way to assist practitioners in bridging the gap between research and practice. Being an OT student or practitioner and consuming evidence to inform practice is a commitment. It takes time, deliberate effort, and focus. Everyday Evidence facilitates the process of consuming reliable evidence and learning from experts about implementation and practice. Everyday Evidence continues to release shows at least once a month.

Ideas for next steps to build on this topic: AOTA’s evidence-based practice team produces many projects, initiatives, and campaigns to facilitate the dissemination and translation of evidence in OT. Students could get involved with dissemination efforts by helping with AOTA’s existing podcasts or other projects that the EBP team is heading.

2-3 tips for students undertaking a similar project: Be ready to work hard to ensure that you are prepared with research and evidence to back up your project. Once you have a solid foundation, be creative and willing to take risks!

Deliverables: Evidence Perk article in January 2022 issue of OT Practice:

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I’m so impressed by this project! (I know the work that goes into producing a podcast!) And, I’ve personally benefited from it! I even met a fellow Nebraskan OT through hearing her on the podcast (Joy Doll.) And, I was also introduced to @erika6 from hearing her on a podcast!

I hope AOTA will keep this project going!

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We are sending a student to work on dissemination of research using video abstracts. So exciting to see dissemination take on new avenues.

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Please ignore my terrible bangs cut on this video- but I tried a video summary several years ago- and I’m surprised how many views it now has. What a great avenue to try! I’ll be interested to see the results.

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Nice work @matt! I enjoyed the recent podcast on CIMT with Amy Darragh!

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Great work @matt! Love listening to AOTA’s podcast.


These places are very interesting the whole events. Please continue to post them.

I loved being a part of the podcast, you are a great interviewer! I didn’t realize it was your capstone. What a great resource that can be used now and into the future. Congrats!