Handout: Common Lab Values for Acute Care

Submitted by: Justine Chen
Setting of intended use: Acute Care

What inspired this resource:
Being able to quickly and thoroughly navigate lab values, as well as recognize their impact on patients is crucial in a fast-paced setting. This resource is designed to be a quick reference tool to support OTs working in acute and critical care to ultimately best support patients in their recovery. This handout was originally prepared by Melissa Kandel, OTR/L, BCPR for her MedBridge course, “Acute Care Occupational Therapy: Acute and Critical Care Foundations.” This handout is provided here with permission from Melissa Kandel and MedBridge.

How is it utilized:
This handout can be used during chart reviews or interdisciplinary team discussions to understand the status of your patient and what is appropriate for treatment.

What evidence supports it?
Smith-Gabai, H., & Holm, S. E. (Eds.). (2017). Occupational therapy in acute care (2nd ed.). AOTA Press. Occupational Therapy in Acute Care, 2nd ed.

Any instructions or tips for utilization:
Please note: Some lab values may appear in a different format in your workplace chart.

MedBridge_OT Acute Care Lab Values.pdf (73.5 KB)