Weekly Capstone Project Tracker

This is the weekly capstone project tracker I used during my OTD capstone experience.

Submitted by: Alana Woolley
Setting of intended use: Capstone student projects

What inspired this resource:

I needed a way to keep all my weekly tasks and meeting notes organized during my capstone experience, so I created this simple weekly planner.

How is it utilized:

This weekly planner can be used to track capstone project tasks and meeting notes to stay organized throughout your project. It can also be shared with site supervisors to facilitate ongoing communication about projects.

What evidence supports it?

I utilized this simple weekly log throughout my capstone project and found it helpful to have my tasks and notes organized into a one-page document. This document was modified from the UW workspace template “1:1 meeting agenda.”

Any instructions or tips for utilization:

You can print, download or copy this google doc. I recommend creating a copy in your own google drive, and sharing the document with your supervisor. Once copied, the document is completely editable, so feel free to modify the headings to your preferences. Happy capstoning!

Link to Google Doc:

Capstone Experience Weekly Planner - Google Docs

No wonder you were so on top of things!! :joy: