Leadership in Clinical Practice: Creating a Student Guide to Starting a Private Telehealth Practice

My capstone project allowed me to experience the steps it takes to start and run a private telehealth practice.

Student name: Yosef Bilal Bruer
Name of Mentor: Andrea Sims, MA, CCC-SLP
School: Washington University in St. Louis
Setting and location: Las Vegas, NV (Outpatient)
Virtual / In-person / Hybrid: Hybrid

The broad purpose of my capstone experience was to significantly enhance the ability of new students to understand the steps to starting a private telehealth practice. I wanted to develop a guide that not only assisted in my future career pursuits but also for the benefit of other individuals, specifically students interested in being future entrepreneurs.

The aim of my capstone experience were threefold and I completed each of these areas:
(1) to gain administrative and entrepreneurial skills regarding opening a private practice,
(2) complete projects as assigned by Andrea and create a feeding developmental milestone guide for parents at Grow Therapy NV which will contribute to the development parent resources at Grow Therapy NV
(3) complete telehealth CEU’s, complete multiple telehealth “how to start” e-programs, and advocate for the creation OT telehealth businesses through student outreach and dissemination.

The full 30-page report with my business plan, market analysis, and much much more

Ideas for next steps to build on this topic:

  • Clinical practice skills – one could develop the clinical pathway to implement telehealth OT for a specific practice setting
  • Advocacy – established the need for telehealth OT services in an emerging practice setting based on an in-depth needs assessment and business proposal

2-3 tips for students undertaking a similar project:

  • Be self-motivated
  • Have a plan way before the capstone
  • Be ready to do a lot of work outside of your capstone site



This was interesting to read through, thanks for sharing Yosef! You should update your site to be OTR/L! :slight_smile:

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I am SO INTERESTED in this topic and am going to be doing a deep dive into your report later this fall when I do a telehealth focused podcast!

This is also why I launched the OT directory. I see a future not that far away where patients are searching for OTs who offer telehealth services for their specific condition versus seeing local generalists… @emily12 I think the success of your practice is a bellwether for this.

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Thank you for drawing my attention to this, Sarah! Yes - patients should be able to access folks specific to their unique needs - absolutely.

Great work, Yosef!

@emily12 I keep wanting to ask you if you offer telehealth? I need to have you back on so I can learn everything about your practice. :slight_smile: I think niching down is so powerful!!

Hi Sarah,
I do offer it occasionally for the folks here in my state - especially if they’re out of town or have chronic fatigue (ME/CFS). Currently I’m on a limited caseload as I try to push through with this PhD project but eventually yes I’d love to offer more telehealth- it’s so needed for these pts who don’t have access to specialists in their area and/or have ME/CFS!

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@emily12 just keep thinking how the licensure compact could expand the reach of someone like you! I know when I had symptoms like this, I would have given anything to be able to do telehealth with you!!

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Thank you for the article. If you can give us more information how you started and what motivated you to start your own business will be great ? Thanks

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I’m unable to access the article or website from the links provided.

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Uh-oh, it looks like the website has gone down… @yosef is there any other way to access the info?