Knowledge Translation for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

I partnered with OT Potential to develop a knowledge translation toolkit designed for the everyday OT practitioner.

Student name: Alana Woolley
Name of Mentor: Sarah Lyon
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Capstone setting: OT Potential
Virtual / In-person / Hybrid: Virtual

Capstone Objectives:
To appraise current research literature and stakeholder perspectives to compile a toolkit of evidence-based knowledge-translation tools for OT practitioners.
To promote the value of knowledge translation practices through effective dissemination of capstone project findings.

A literature review and in-depth interviews with OT Potential members were conducted to identify the most pertinent barriers and facilitators of knowledge translation among rehabilitation professionals. This data was used to inform the development of a knowledge translation toolkit to help everyday practitioners improve their application and communication of evidence in practice.

Creation of a knowledge translation toolkit for OT practitioners, an article to promote evidence-based practice in occupational therapy, and updates to existing OT Potential content.

Initial feedback revealed the toolkit to be feasible and applicable to OT practice. Ongoing outcome measurement will capture the degree to which this toolkit influences behavioral change among practitioners in clinical settings.

Occupational therapy practitioners benefit from tailored resources to access, apply, and share health information. Practitioner-centered KT toolkits may improve competence and confidence in applying evidence-based practice in occupational therapy.

2-3 ideas for future directions to build on on this project:
Future projects could expand on any stage of the KT process, including synthesizing research knowledge for clinical application, fostering interdisciplinary communication and resource sharing, clinical implementation initiatives, or programs to bring evidence-based and accessible health education strategies to OT practitioners.

Reflections on how you see this project influencing your OT career trajectory:
I am walking away from this project with a deeper connection to the profession of occupational therapy, greater confidence in applying and advocating for evidence-informed practices, and a commitment to advance knowledge translation practices in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

How many individuals do you estimate increased their awareness of OT due to your project?
The KT toolkit is available publicly and has the potential to increase awareness of EBP in OT for thousands of OT Potential site visitors.



I am SO biased towards this project, but it has been such a great experience! My favorite part is how we had the flexibility to adjust our plans based on what Alana found in the initial interview. Thank you @alana1 and @daniel2 for making this such a great experience!

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This was a great podcast to hear and I personally love this topic. Well done both of you. I am sure @SarahLyon Sarah, you have mentored @alana1 in a great manner. She is ready to rule!!


@hiral I seriously learned so much from her! She is ready to rule! We definitely need OTs like Alana in leadership!